Adunanza / Assembly

“Adunanza” (Assembly) is a collective portrait of Sansepolcro and its community. Taking his inspiration from the iconography of “La Madonna della Misericordia” -who protects and looks the believers over- the artist Francesco Ciavaglioli collected hundreds of photos of Sansepolcro citizens, creating a collage of faces side by side on a backlit panel. Afterwards, during the first days of Kilowatt Festival, with the collaboration of the city’s inhabitants, a translucent paper will be put on this surface, and Ciavaglioli will trace and colour the faces one by one: a gesture of self-representation by the community, who does not show itself protected by the golden mantle of the Vergin, but it decides to expose itself, shining with its own light.

Francesco Ciavaglioli, opera collettiva

Adunanza (Assembly) is a project realized in Sansepolcro in 2015 during the Kilow'art residency program, a visual arts section of the Kilowatt festival curated by Saverio Verini.

The work is in permanent exhibition at the foyer of the Teatro alla Misericordia, a former confraternity, first seat of the polyptych of Piero della Francesca, to which the work is inspired.

Adunanza / Assemby collective artwork Tracing with pencils and coloured marker, lightbox 200 x 150 cm

allestimento presso Teatro alla Misericordia Sanepolcro
work in progress
ricalco matita e pennarelli su lightbox