In this set-up are shown part of the work performed during the period of stay in the BoCS in Cosenza. The works, in different ways, are the result of a research that is based on the attempt to contact the community and the imaginary of the territory. The works are basically two: the series “Sudari” (shrouds)  and the video “Piena” (river flood).

BoCS Cosenza

SUDARI / SHROUDS Digital prints and solvents on canvas / This series of pictures has been realized through a process of transposing digital prints on canvas. Through solvents, the original photographic prints - collected during the stay - dissolve and to reconnect with the canvas. In this passage, largely casual, a transformation takes place. we see the photographic data lost in a ghost that, although evanescent, remains in a certain relation to reality by returning to the final image enigma and evocative power. PIENA / RIVER FLOOD / video B/W HD 7′ 11” / The video consists of 8 audio interviews mounted on several video sequences shot at the Cosenza rivers. Starting from the legend of Alarico, the Visigoth King died in Cosenza, "River Flood" is a reflection on the resistance of myths in contemporary times. Through the voice of Cosenza citizens, the myth of Alarico takes different nuances that swirl between the fantastic legend and the historical facts, between alleged treasures at the bottom of the river and true scientific research committees. As in the gorgoglia of a river flood, the voices envelop in a fragmentary and non-linear narrative, like vortices of memory and images that continually rise to the surface and then return to the bottom.

residenza BoCS
Bocs Cosenza